Look. We’re not your hype girl.

We’re more like the brooding bodyguard who stays within arms reach.

Looking pretty standard at a glance, but low-key savage when it comes to the crunch: Ellie is here for you, when you need it.

You’re tired of having cracked, boring lips. 

We’re tired of below-par products that just don’t do what they say they will.


Time and time again, we fork out for a premium lip care product, only to find it needs constant reapplication.

Maybe your lips are dry again after only an hour or two, maybe they're feeling greasy or gritty - either way, it's BS, and we've had enough.

So we created Ellie. 

Proudly made in New Zealand with natural ingredients that actually work.

We did the mahi, so you don't have to - researched, tested and tested again until we knew we had the perfect solution.

Your ultimate staple lip care product. It looks good, it smells good, it feels good, and it does what it's meant to. No bull, no fluff.