Ellie: The Name on Everyones Lips

Ellie: The Name on Everyones Lips

Wondering who Ellie is when she’s at home? 

Ellie’s just a gal who’s sick of spending money on lip balms and lotions that don’t do what they’re supposed to. 

We heard about Ellie’s plight, came up with a solution, and brought it to life. Boom.

There’s a whole style of marketing and promotional material out there lately, filling our heads with the idea that if we’re female, and a business owner, we need to look and act a certain way.

We call BS on that.

You don’t want to be made to feel like a swanky white sports car defines our successes.

You don’t want to have to add “female” in front of all our business hashtags.

As customers, you’re tired of paying the “pink tax”.

You just want products that do their job.

So we created one.

Ellie Lip Care is your lips new saving grace.

We researched, tried, and tested over and over again to get this right. 

You need a product to keep your lips hydrated, soft and nourished around the clock - without 12938374646 applications a day. We made one.

It’s a lip balm made in New Zealand, packaged by us, and quickly sent to you. 

Just. Like. That.




Sleek packaging, without the unnecessary extras? Check.

Ingredients that know how to put in the work for your lips? Check.

A No Bullshit marketing approach? Check.

Ellie is not your hun. She’s just the sassy little pink tube, lurking in your center console, desk or purse, ready to kick the arse of dryness and chapping.

Now do you see why Ellie is the name on everyones lips?


xx Ellie

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