The Benefits of Vitamin E in Lip Balm

The Benefits of Vitamin E in Lip Balm

Vitamin E is one of the key ingredients in our signature lip care product. Commonly found in loads of skincare and cosmetic products, we thought we'd give you a quick run down of why it's such a popular addition to your favourite products!

What is Vitamin E, Anyway?

A fat-soluble vitamin, discovered by scientists in the 80's for it's ability to fight free radicals. It comes in many forms, and it's commonly used in skincare and cosmetics. 
Fact: Alpha-tocopherol is the only form of Vit E used in the human body.
So just why do we love it so much?

Antioxidant Properties

In cosmetics, Vitamin E doesn't only work its little butt off to nourish and protect your skin, but also the shelf life of the products.

"Antioxidant" means it prevents the oils inside the product from oxidising - meaning it acts a bit like a preservative. 
This is great, because it means we don't have to add icky ingredients like parabens! Yas!

This magic little ingredient, found in foods such as peanuts, mangoes and sunflower seeds, is going to stop your new favourite lip balm from turning rancid.

That's a firm yes from us.





Keeping your lips soft

One of the main benefits of Vitamin E is its incredible moisturising abilities!

This is why you'll find it in so many face creams, particularly anti-ageing and night creams. It's also why we recommend you apply your Ellie Nourish right before you go to bed - to let Vitamin E do its thang!

Your skin LOVES Vitamin E, and when applied topically (that means onto your skin, not in your smoothie) it's absorbed considerably faster than when taken internally. Known for its ability to aid cell regeneration, it's really a no brainer:

This super-ingredient will make your lips softer. 

Protecting your pout

That's not all, folks! That same restorative power of Vit E also works as a protective barrier. So you can kiss those chapped lips goodbye, for good.

Softening, protecting, and regenerating: it's why we called Nourish, Nourish.

Because that's exactly what it does.

For best results, we recommend regular application of your lip care product throughout the day, and after you've removed your make up at night. 

You can order your nourishing lip balm from Ellie in a single, twin, or triple pack to get that perfect pout today!


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