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Lip Buffer

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Buff it, biarch.

This handy little number is a dual-purpose magic maker.

With an applicator on one end (perfect for the Lip Scrub, just sayin') and a lip buffer on the other, this tool will buff your lips into the smoothest, softest pout you've ever experienced.

Massaging the lips is known to work wonders - increasing the blood flow (which naturally plumps them) and removing stubborn chapping or dead skin from the surface.
Our buffer is the perfect solution - not too harsh, not too soft - it just does what it's meant to do.

NZ is known for it's harsh climate - keep ahead of the game with a regular routine that's good for your lips.

Buff - Scrub - Nourish.

Use alongside Ellie Lip Scrub and follow with Ellie Nourish for the ultimate lip-pampering experience!

100% Silicone

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